Weight Loss Hypnosis:
Lose Weight & Enjoy Exercise


Weight loss hypnosis offers a natural, well-researched and powerful alternative for millions of people.   And it can also be a wonderful adjunct to a weight loss program.  Some hypnotic suggestions seem pretty simple, and they are.  Suggestions such as “you eat only in response to your body’s natural need for food as fuel” or “you feel completely satisfied with three proportioned, nutritious meals a day.” In addition, suggestions can include ” your enjoyment of a regular exercise program grows with each time you visit the gym.”  Repetition of these suggestions while in hypnosis can boost your determination and enhance your conscious willpower, when you have such a desire. But hypnosis alone is not enough.

It takes a combination of behavioral modification and understanding to achieve a permanent healthy eating pattern.  A well-trained hypnotist addresses all the issues.  Once you realize why you are eating when you are not hungry, you can begin to change that behavior.


Mental imagery is another important part of weight loss hypnosis.  While in a hypnotic state, your LI-NGH Hypnotist may lead you through an imaginary  journey now wearing clothes you have grown out of.  You might imagine the positive comments of family, friends or co-workers.  You might be encouraged to use all five senses to experience yourself growing thinner, stronger and healthier.  Studies show that the more real your inner experience, the more likely the final results will match your mental imagery.

While it’s not magic, hypnosis, when used as part of an overall program of behavioral modification and attitude adjustment, can be that extra dimension your weight loss program needs for long-term success.  A good hypnotist teaches the client self-hypnosis as a part of the program.  In the battle of the bulge, it can just be the tool that makes the difference between success and failure.

More and more people are using hypnosis and self-hypnosis to enable themselves to be the best they can be.  Once you’ve learned self-hypnosis, it can stay with you for the rest of your life and help you achieve any goal you set your mind to.

Find an LI-NGH Professional Hypnotist in your area to help you stick to your resolutions once and for all.


Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation and intense mental focus.  Furthermore, it can help you reprogram old attitudes and beliefs about eating and maintaining a healthy weight. While you’re in a state of hypnosis, your subconscious mind is more available to you, more open to receiving suggestions that will become a natural part of new behaviors.

Suggestions to your subconscious mind bypass the critical mind, which you use day-to-day and go straight to the part of the mind that controls habits. This allows you to go through with any changes you have decided to make in your life.