December 6 2018 Monthly Meeting: Peter Blum Sound Healing


Peter Blum Sound Healing Presentation


Enchantments and Entrainments
Incorporate sound healing in your hypnosis practice
Don’t miss Peter Blum’s  sound healing presentation! Peter’s a beloved superstar at NGH conventions and now he’s presenting at our chapter 12/4 meeting! This will be a one time only opportunity this year to choose to enjoy the chapter meeting either live, in person, at the Holbrook Wellness Center or or to participate in the privacy and comfort of your own home virtually through as we usually do nowadays.
If you attend through zoom make sure that you use headphones with your device and have a place to lie down and so you get the very best deep relaxation experience. If you prefer to join us at the wellness center you might want to bring a yoga mat and small blanket.
Presentation Description:
Ancient healers from many traditions used rhythm and tone as an important ingredient in their practices. As we rediscover the wheel again, sound healing is the “new kid on the block”. Gong baths, sound immersions, etc. are showing up more and more frequently around the world. Let this master musician and sound healer show you easy to learn techniques using voice, drums, rattles, singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks. You will learn the basic principals of brain-wave entrainment, and watch demonstrations of how to seamlessly blend these into your existing healing practice.
Peter Blum, a senior hypnosis instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists, has been a popular presenter at the NGH annual convention since the early 90’s. He has served on the Board of the Deep Listening Foundation, been on the faculty of the Omega Institute, The Graduate Institute, and presented Sounds for Healing concerts and workshops at The Abode of the Message, Menla Retreat Center, The U.N., and yoga studios around the world. Peter studied music and sound healing with Dr. Karl Berger, Ustad Jamaluddin Bhartiya (N. Indian classical music), Beautiful Painted Arrow (Shamanic use of sound), Pauline Oliveros, Fabian Mamman, Dr. John Beaulieu (Tuning Forks), and Don Conreaux (gongs).