CEUs: Hypnosis Continuing Education

CEUS:  NGH Hypnosis Continuing Education

  • Receive 2 credits toward hypnosis continuing education units for each attended NGH webinar or teleseminar (live or viewing/listening later) and then answering the question.
  • You will receive 2 hypnosis continuing education credits for every LI-NGH meeting you attend.
  • Presenters receive a one year listing on the Professional Directory.
  • For hypnosis or hypnosis business-related approved class that you take from any NGH Certified Instructor, you receive CEUs.

Re-Certification Requirements

NGH CEU Submission Form | National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.  https://ngh.net/membership/ngh-ceu-submission-form/ It is necessary to have 15 hours of annual continuing education to keep your NGH certification active. This requirement does not apply to members who are not Certified Hypnotists or to those who want to continue as members without keeping their certifications currently active. The annual period in which to attain this fifteen hours of credit starts on your dues renewal date. For instance, if your dues are due on April 4, 2018 you have until April 1, 2019 (or one year) to accumulate the fifteen credit hours. This re-certification requirement is standard among other professions. and has been enacted by the Guild for the advancement of our members and the profession as a whole.

Keep track of the ways listed below in which you achieve your re-certification during the next 12 months. Have that information available when you pay your dues. Approved credits sent to the NGH by Chapter secretaries, seminar instructors, from conventions, etc., during the year will be entered as you accumulate them and the total will appear on your dues invoice next year. It's up to you to keep track and to inform us as you accumulate hours. Attend the annual convention (25 or more hours are possible) Attend NGH Chapter meetings with a speaker, panel discussion or workshop. Credits given when the Chapter secretary submits a list of names and addresses of attendees.

Ways to Accumulate Hours

  • Attend the annual convention (25 or more hours are possible).
  • Attend NGH Chapter meetings with a speaker, panel discussion or workshop. Credits given when the Chapter secretary submits a list of names and addresses of attendees.
  • Attend any course given by an NGH Certified Instructor.
  • Submit an article researched and written by you which is accepted for publication in the Journal of Hypnotism or the Hypno-Gram.
  • Any NGH pre-approved course conducted by a member teaching standard hypnosis subjects to others.
  • Any NGH pre-approved course or seminar conducted by a recognized professional hypnosis group.
  • Independent study using NGH approved texts. (Most standard hypnosis, psychology, and counseling textbooks are approved. Call (603) 429-9438 first and check with the NGH office to be sure. A comprehensive review of the book which demonstrates your understanding should be submitted in typewritten form. Total number of hourly credits will be assigned according to the length and contents of the book and your review of the subject matter.
  • Study and review workshop video tapes in the same manner for hourly credits corresponding to actual attendance.
  • Assist in the presentation of a NGH certified course or workshop under the mentorship of an NGH approved instructor.
  • Teach a class or classes for the public on subjects such as self-hypnosis, stress, weight-loss, etc.
  • Attend a class or classes on hypnosis-related subjects at an institution of higher learning. (Psychology, Counseling, at a Community College, night school, extension courses, etc.) Submit the exam found in the HypnoGram publications for 10 hours of credit.


Earn  CEUs by attending a teleseminar - After each teleseminar go to : http://www.nghmember.com/ceu/, answer the question of the day and press submit. One hour of continuing education will be credited to you in the NGH member database and you will receive confirmation that this is in process. If you miss a call - Most NGH teleseminars will be recorded, and you will be able to access the audio within 2-3 days (or so) by going to www.nghmember.com/audio.