• As a hypnotist, are you interested in a gentle process to help clients heal past wounds? 👍
  • Would you like to offer your clients an easy way to neutralize upsetting emotions? 👍
  • Are you interested in helping yourself and your clients believe in themselves and live their best lives? 👍
  • Did you feel a resounding YES in your BODY? I bet you did! 💟

For the last 6 years, I have been practicing modern Ho’oponopono.  From day one it started to profoundly change my life.  It helps me to be my very best self.  Ho’oponopono allows for guidance to help with problems, limiting beliefs and even helps dreams to come true. It’s simple and high vibrational. 🤩

As a Board Certified Hypnotist, I created a “Ho’oponopono For Hypnotists.”  This is a process I use with clients in hypnosis and as a coaching modality.  My process is gentle and allows the client to get insight into their issue in a loving manner. It can be used for so many typical client issues.🕊

To get a sneak peek, here is a video to learn some of the basics about Ho’oponopono. 💡

The presentation will take you through the key elements of Ho’oponopono and help equip you with a new and fresh approach to working with clients. It’s an experiential presentation and you will start to feel the loving energies of Ho’oponopono immediately. You’ll also learn how to start using it for yourself 😎👍

If you are intrigued about the specific process I use with clients, there is a special offer for you to enroll in my ONLINE class “Ho’oponopono Integrated Hypnosis” started June 10 @ 12:00 pm.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to learn what Ho’oponopono can do for your clients and how it can help grow your business. 💗

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